M350 Universal Mini-ITX PC enclosure PicoPSU compatible;

Buy Cheap M350 Universal Mini-ITX PC enclosure PicoPSU compatible;


  • Smallest, Universal mini-ITX Enclosure
  • Fits Intel stock CPU heatsink; Smart front power button
  • Vesa, DIN-Rail, Wall Mount options
  • Hidden area for USB / WIFI / Storage
  • Size 192 x 210 x 62mm

List Price: $49.99
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Product Description
- Also availabe with PSU kit- Smallest, Universal mini-ITX Enclosure- Fanless, natural convection design- Fits Intel stock CPU heatsink- Hidden area for USB / WIFI / Storage – Smart front power button- Vesa, DIN-Rail, Wall Mount options- SMA antenna hole- Up to two 2.5″ drives, **one HDD bracket included** (additional mounting bracket)- Size 192 x 210 x 62mm – Volume (L) = 2.5L- Area for custom OEM logo- Superior RFI shileding capabilities- ROHS compliantZero noise, small footprint and low powerThe M350 is Industry’s smallest universal enclosure (192 x 210 x 62mm , 2.5L) capable of housing mini-ITX boards ranging from tiny Atoms to fully featured desktop or mobile CPUs. The M30 permits fanless operation (natural air convection via hundreds of tiny holes) for TDP < 10 watts and CPU-only fan for TDP

M350 Universal Compact Mini-ITX Computer Case Small, lightweight, yet sturdy, Mini-ITX enclosure that features optimal cooling without the use of fans. Supports picoPSU power supplies. Contact us to learn more! mini itx cases in Computer Cases eBay – Electronics, Cars … Find great deals on eBay for mini itx cases and mini itx motherboard in Computer Cases. Shop with confidence. mini-itx.com – store – power supplies Silent and Vehicle Power Supply Kits. Plug-in DC-DC ATX PSUs: picoPSU-80 picoPSU-90 120 150-XT 160-XT Wide Input Plug-in DC-DC ATX PSUs: 80W/12-25V 80W/12-32V M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure As a manufacturer of Mini-ITX products, we have the expertise to help you select the right products for your project. Contact us Amazon.com: PicoPSU-90, Cyncronix 90W 12V DC-DC ATX mini-ITX … Complete Power solution for your PC/ATX/Mini-ATX project, silent and economical.Full application documentation available Eliminates the need for a 24-pin ATX power … mini itx enclosure in Computer Cases & Accessories eBay Find great deals on eBay for mini itx enclosure and mini itx case in Computer Cases & Accessories. Shop with confidence. mini-ITX enclosures, mini-ITX chassis / cases Enclosures. Small mini-ITX Enclosure for a variety of applications ranging from automotive to industrial or consumer applications. Combined with our picoPSU product … mini-itx.com – store – home Mini-ITX Online Store – Hardware for your Mini-ITX Project from the UK’s Leading Store. Order Before 7pm for Same Day Shipping Worldwide! M350 Universal Mini-ITX PC enclosure PicoPSU compatible; – Also availabe with PSU kit – Smallest, Universal mini-ITX Enclosure – Fanless, natural convection design – Fits Intel stock CPU heatsink – Hidden area for USB … LinITX.com – 12V 150W PicoPSU-150-XT picoPSU-150-XT High power, 24 pin mini-ITX power supply in a small package (picoPSU) Ultra-Compact design, less cables. The picoPSU-150-XTis the smallest plug-in…

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