Pack & Smooch iPhone wallet case SOAY – for your iPhone 4S/4/3GS/2 – made of 100% merino wool felt

Buy Cheap Pack & Smooch iPhone wallet case SOAY – for your iPhone 4S/4/3GS/2 – made of 100% merino wool felt


  • Fits your iPhone Case (inside measurements: 125 mm x 70 mm)
  • 100% Merino wool felt
  • Seperate middle layer prevents scratches on your display
  • Extra front pocket for money and bank cards

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Product Description
Hi, my name is “Soay” and I am a member of the Pack & Smooch collection made from 100% merino wool felt.They named me after an old traditional breed of sheep.I am not just an iPhone case, I also take care of your cash card, bills and driving licence.You dont need your purse anymore!The raw material is pure new wool. Felt is water repellent, insulating and anti-static. While the material offers aesthetically strength it is also soft to the touch. There is placed an extra layer of felt so your cash cards, bills etc. have no contact to the iPhone.Surrounded just by wool this sweet case will keep your darling heavenly soft.All sleeves and cases are handmade in our studio in Hamburg, Germany.Design and manufacturingDipl. DesignerClemens BurkertMaterial100% wool felt and around 1/12″ thickColorFelt: AnthraciteThis case fits:iphone 4/3G/3GSReady to ship in: 2 days after your order.International Carrier Deutsche Post (5-8 days; depends where you live!!!)

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